Lose Weight Faster with the Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

Looking forward to losing weight for a special occasion? Well, follow the cabbage soup diet and see the difference in your weight and shape.Losing weight is not a very easy task. However, if you wish to lose weight faster, surviving on the cabbage soup diet proves to be a very effective method. The cabbage soup diet is a very low fat, high fiber diet that helps you stay in good shape and also lose weight faster than other diet plans.

The cabbage soup diet program is a seven-day diet program which helps you lose weight faster. The diet is simple and extremely effective if it is followed the right way. However, to make sure that you stay healthy and energetic throughout the process, the diet also includes several other food items that together help you lose weight and also stay healthy.Follow the cabbage soup diet plan for seven days, and you will genuinely see a drastic change in your weight loss chart.

Apart from the diet, you should also include lots of fruits, skim milk, vegetables and some meat. This will help your body meet its daily nutritional needs. During this diet program, make sure you drink plenty of water and completely avoid alcohol consumption. Start with the diet program carefully and make sure you follow it without cheating for seven days.

Day 1: Include two bowls of cabbage soup in your meal plan. Eat lots of fruit, except bananas as they are rich in fat. Drink black coffee, unsweetened tea or fresh cranberry juice. Avoid all other fat and oil based food items.

Day 2: Along with your bowls of cabbage soup, you can include low-calorie vegetables in your diet. Include a steamed potato with a little bit of butter. Avoid beans, corn, peas.Image result for paleo

Day 3: Your Cabbage soup diet on the 3rd day includes two bowls of cabbage soup and all the vegetables and fruits mentioned on your first and second day of the diet.

Day 4: Include 2 bowls of cabbage soup, about eight bananas and two full glasses of skim milk.

Day5: Apart from cabbage soup, also include 20 ounces beef or chicken or fish, and six tomatoes. Drink more water all through the day.

Day 6: Include beef steaks and as many vegetables you want along with two bowls of cabbage soup.

Day 7: And finally, include 2 cups of brown rice, an unlimited amount of vegetables and unsweetened fruits along with your two bowls of cabbage soup.Also read our next article what is paleo diet ?

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