Inada HCP-10001 Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Massage Chair

It’s so hard to look for the best μασαζ chair that will give you the relaxation and comfort that you need whenever you need it. But the truth is, it’s just a matter of knowing which one is worth the investment, which is why we have made our very own massage chair reviews so that you can make the right decision.Image result for HCP-10001

The first one on our list is the Inada Massage Chairs HCP-10001 Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair. Quite honestly, this product is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. But you know what? The ones who have taken the plunge don’t have ANYTHING to complain about, and it looks like they don’t mind the price at all.

It could be because they can afford it—or they just realized they made the best decision of their lives. After all, you cant put a price on health, and this seems to be what this particular massage chair is promoting. But will it be worth it? Find out below.Relaxation To The Very Core

The Inada HCP-10001 is luxurious, no doubt about that. It only takes one session to realize it is so. And even by just looking at it, you know its the real thing. Sogno translates to dream in Italian. It is the product of years of research, relentless testing, and undivided attention to detail by a professional team of masterful Japanese engineers & shiatsu massage experts.

The massage sessions are heavenly. All you need to do is pick one massage session, and the chair will do the rest. It features unique functions which will provide the user with the best therapy they won’t find in any ordinary chairs. Incredible!Features And Specifications

Here are the features that the Inada Sogno Dreamwave has to offer:

This Inada massage chair provides over 1,200 square inches of massage coverage, more than any other massage chairs in the world.

It gives you a gentle, surging figure-eight motion pretty much like how massage therapists do during a shiatsu session.

It can do extension, flexion, as well as gentle rotational stretching on hips,  mid-back, and shoulders.

It also features a proprietary youth session designed for younger users (fourteen years old and above) to let individuals enjoy its healing benefits.

Has eight pre-programmed massage sequences

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