Eva Dry E500 Mini Wireless Renewable Dehumidifier

Eva Dry E500

The Eva-Dry E-500 is the smallest offering from Eva-Dry (especially in comparison to its larger brother “petite” model) and one of the cheapest dehumidifiers on the market. Its main attraction to consumers and us alike, other than the price is its noise free, wireless, renewable and energy saving features.

Renewable? Wireless? How does that work? best humidifier for baby ?

Well for a start there are no batteries required, neither a constant power connection. The dehumidifier doesn’t function like the typical bigger units; it contains specialized silica gel which absorbs up to 10 ounces of moisture. When the gel is full, it will not spill and they turn pink to indicate they need “renewing”.Still with us? Ok. Once they are full you simply plug them in a ventilated area such as near an extractor fan or open garage, for example, the crystallized gel then heats up and releases all moisture as vapor.

The gel takes around 12 hours to completely “renew” with Eva-Dry stating these things will last for up to 10 years. Obviously, we don’t have the ability to test that fact, but they do come with a 5-year limited warranty. They also come with a nice hook attachment for hanging them on a clothing rail for example.What Should I Use It For?Use it for: Safes, Closets, Cabinets, RV’s, Lockers, Musical Instruments, Boats, Gun SafesDont use it for: Basements, Small  Large Rooms, High Humidity Areas, BathroomsWhat You SaidThe E500 sports an impressive average of 4/5 stars over at Amazon, with over 190 reviews at the time of this post.

Like its (slightly) bigger brother 1100 Petite Model, the majority of you praised its use within small areas such as closets, cabinets and in particular gun safes. And again like 1100, some people felt let down by how it worked within larger areas, but these sort of facts should NOT come as a surprise when you are using a small budget dehumidifier purpose-built for small areas. The E500 in particular only covers 500 cubic feet.

We cant emphasize enough to check the specs or with us before buying a dehumidifier!By Steve (2 Stars) “I live in a 400 so. Ft. Cottage. Thought this would be perfect. Nope. The description says it doesn’t need recharging for 60 days, but I end up having to plug it in every week or so. Probably best for a walk-in closet-sized rooms.By Emmylou (California) (5 Stars) “ Works great in small spaces. Has prevented mildew problems in my closet.

Needless to say, this was a huge problem! Purchased my first one towards the end of last winter and it worked so well, I purchased another.”Should I Buy This Dehumidifier?If you’re looking for a cheap, quiet and cost efficient solution to small spaces, investing in one (or two as seems to be the trend amongst other buyers) will be worthwhile. In particular, the unit has gone down great with many gun safe owners.

We wouldn’t recommend it for use within a bathroom. However, you would be better off with a small but traditional functioning dehumidifier. If you’re looking for something to solve a bigger issue such as a basement or generally larger areas, then we would recommend investing in a bigger unit purpose built for power and pint intake.

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