Combine smartphone and tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Note

Combine the best of a smartphone and a tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Note, which offers a large 5.3-inch screen and a PC of almost performance through the Android operating system. Use the advanced S-Pencil to help your intuitive user interface control along with simple tactile gestures.
The phone features a powerful 1.4 gigahertz dual-core processor and offers a 5.3-inch Super High Definition (diagonal) AMOELD display to deliver applications and features along with the media in an impressive format . In addition to being a touch screen, you can also use the S-stylus to identify what you are doing on each interface offered through the Android Gingerbread operating system (2.3), and you can also use the pen to highlight and mark notes, web pages and more on the phone. The Touchwiz and other features coming out of the box give quick and easy answers to your onscreen gestures, while full keyboards allow you to quickly enter text input and more on your device as well. Meanwhile, many Google applications are preloaded on the device, such as Gmail, Google Talk and YouTube.

The Galaxy Note offers you a stunning 8 megapixel camera also with LED flash to use when it is in bad lighting or at night and able to capture action, beauty and panoramic photos among its many other functions. Along with the photos you of course also allow you to capture video clips, and as with many other devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this is in high definition high quality 1080 pixels and up to 30 frames per second respectively. Once unlock samsung galaxy s7 have captured photos and videos, you can use integrated social networks like Facebook and Twitter to instantaneously share your media, along with multimedia messages and email facilities also available. There is plenty of space for you to keep the medium too with up to 16 gigabytes of internal storage present, plus the microSD slot offering an interchangeable memory up to 32 gigabytes.
Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet is totally in the way of its use, but the fact is that the Samsung Galaxy Note has much to offer in terms of speed, power and performance, while also offering a very large screen. The functionality of multiple inputs along with impressive cameras and connectivity further improve on this device.

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