Hulu Announces Their Sleek New Video PlayerOn July 21,

Hulu Announces Their Sleek New Video

Hulu announced on their official blog that they have once again made significant improvements to their video player, which is now “sleeker, chromeless and friendlier interface.”At the top of their bragging rights list is a new, 10-second rewind feature that allows you to seamlessly jump back and relive that killer punchline.  Additionally, the pause feature will “remind you of what you were watching and how much time is left to watch.

“Their “Up Next” feature enables you to browse through other video titles while you continue watching the current stream so that you can have the next show up and running right away.Finally, they’ve organized the settings all in one place, including closed captioning, pop-out player, and lower lights.

What are the pop-out player and lower lights feature, you ask?  Good question.  It is a nifty little feature for you multi-taskers out there.  While you have the option of watching video full-screen, if you prefer to surf or work and just have a little pop-out window moved to the corner, and resize it so that it doesn’t interfere with what you’re working on in the rest of the screen.

And you can mute the rest of the browser window and dim the lights while you’re watching the video to minimize any distractions.A few users expressed their dislike for the new video player, particularly over the auto play feature, which now appears to be permanently “on” with no way of disabling.  Daniel from Hulu Support addressed these concerns as follows:  “We’re sorry for the frustration with our Auto Play feature.

Still, I have some good news:  you can still turn Auto Play off temporarily.  At the end of every video you watch on, there will be a popup that says “Pause Auto Play.”  If you click on this, Auto Play will be turned off for the next four hours of playback.”  He also assures the concerned commenters that Hulu takes their feedback very seriously and that the ability to disable Auto Play permanently will be reintroduced soon.
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I decided to check it out for myself.  They still allow you to select which ad experience you prefer up front when you wish to watch a show.  I opted to see Panera, which made me hungry When you click on options underneath the network logo and title of the show, you have the option to send a link of the show to a friend by email, engage the pop-out player.

Here’s a screen shot of me inside by blog platform with the popout window next to me.  I’m watching video updating the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado that happened on Friday at the midnight viewing of the new Batman Movie.

I’m particularly interested in this because I have family that lives in Aurora.Hulu even let’s you embed a thumbnail preview of the video right on your website.  Unfortunately, my website builder will NOT let me embed a thumbnail in this blog post (I know, I know, lame  ).  But – you can go to my Hulu page to see a snippet of this video, of which Hulu configured and provided the code.  You can even decide which 42 seconds of the video you wish to Streaming WebTV