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Denton, TXF rom haircuts to design, our experienced barbers at Troy Cuts Barber Shop are professionally trained and inspired by the latest trends. Whether you are looking for a whole new look or just a simple trim, we offer a diverse range of cuts, including fades, edges, tapers, and color.

Over the years, one of the most popular men’s hairstyle has been the fade. At Troy Cuts Barber Shop, we offer the best quality, silky smooth fades in Denton, TX.

Our barbers are more than capable of creating one of the following types of fades:•    The Regular Fade Haircut—As a generic name, the fade haircut refers to hair on the sides and back faded right into your hairline, where the hair “disappears.” However, fade and taper haircut are usually used interchangeably, but the taper does not end with no hair in your hairline.

High Fade—This type of fade is commonly distinguishable by the hair disappearing about two inches below the top of your hair.

•    The Low Fade—The low fade style has your hair disappearing lower than the high fade, but higher than the regular fade haircut. It usually disappears somewhere half way down the sides and back of the head and an inch before the client’s natural hairline at the back and sides.

•    High Top Fade—The hair on top of the head is usually trimmed vertically so that the top hair lies vertically to the scalp with no sharp edges along the circumference of the head. Image result for barber

•    Temple Fade—Hair disappears low, but the transition between hair lengths are made abrupt. At Troy Cuts Barber Shop, our stylists are committed to offering you great fades (with or without lowlights or highlights) to improve your personal appearance with each and every visit.

It is our intention to ensure that you receive quality experience and service in a family-friendly atmosphere without hurting your wallet. Troy Cuts Barber Shop is not only a barbershop, but we are a family that prides itself in offering hair care services that make you look good.

To learn more about what we can do for your hair, do not hesitate to get in touch or visit Brisbane Barbershop today.