How to Buy Cheap Bulk Hoverboards from Aliexpress and Alibaba

Cheap Bulk Hoverboards

We’ll get right to nitty gritty with all the information you’ll need to buy low priced hoverboards in bulk or even single units for as low as $150 using Alibaba or Aliexpress.It’s possible to get a unit for as low as $150 including shipping. Now we know we sell hoverboards here on this site for as low as $324 and are probably stepping on our toes here, but we think we can hopefully still satisfy our customer base that wants to deal with USA based businesses.Image result for Hoverboards

For everyone else, you must realize you will 1) have to wait up to 2-7 weeks to receive your shipment, even single unit order from China, and 2) you will have to wire your money to a bank account which means you cannot simply contact your bank to reverse the charge if you’re ripped off or have the safety net of filing a  Pay Pal dispute.

We will try to mitigate this risk by only dealing with reputable sellers, and bating them to not rip you off by posing as a high bulk-order buyer who is simply looking to by a single test unit before ordering in mass.

1. Start with Alibaba. Alibaba is the parent company and business-to-business component of their chinese conglomerate with Aliexpress being a subsidiary satisfying smaller purchases directly to consumers.

2. On Alibaba, simply do a keyword search for “6.5 hoverboards, 8-inch hoverboards, or 10-inch hoverboards,” depending on which unit you are looking to purchase.

3. Note Alibaba Trade Assurance is only available on orders over $1,000, so you are taking a risk placing your single unit “test” order. Trade Assurance allows one to dispute a sale for full refund if quality or terms pre-negotiated aren’t met as discussed on orders over $1,000. It’s also noteworthy that only Alibaba vetted companies can participate in the Trade Assurance program based on a companies experience and amount of completed trades. It’s best to order from companies who participate in this program as it’s akin to a “credit score” on Alibaba.

4. For single unit ordering, simply select at least ten suppliers, and send them a message stating you are a U.S. based company wanting to order 1000 units and looking for a quote. Also, make sure you ask for a price on a test unit, INCLUDING shipping.

5. It usually takes a day or two to receive all your responses. Most single units test orders SHOULD range from $135-170 with shipping. Make sure to ask about order tracking before ordering.6. If all goes well, you will have received your hoverboard for 50-60% cheaper than widely sold to the masses. “Rinse and repeat” with another seller and sell them to your family and friends or on Ebay/Amazon.7. Most Alibaba merchants also deal on Aliexpress, so this can be duplicated on that website as well although more favorably since with Aliexpress you are provided with consumer transaction reviews and total order count. Buy Hoverboards now!!.