Car Renal FAQ, You need to know

What are the requirements of renting a car?

Driver must posses a valid Class 3 driver’s license with at least 2 year of driving experience and original Identity Card.

How do I know if I have rented a private car instead of a proper registered rental car?
The easiest way is to look at the road tax disc. A legal rental vehicle will bear a print “MOTORCAR”, where a private passenger car will show “PASSENGER(PRIVATE)”.

What are the risks of renting and driving a private car?

As private cars are not allow to be use for rental, the insurance companies would not provide any coverage in event of an accident. LTA said it takes a serious view of illegal rentals, and is consistently taking action against those who fail to comply with the law. Do take note that driving without a proper insurance is an offence, and if caught, the driver could face both fine and jail.
What does the car rental rate cover?
Rates covers rental of vehicle on a 24 hour basis. Example: If the car was collected at 12pm today, it has to be return at 12pm the next day. Our operating hours are from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday only.

What if I need to extend the rental period?

The hirer will have to inform Fastezy Car Rental  of such intention immediately.

What if I am unable to return the car on time?

It is the hirer’s responsibility to inform Car Rental  should he/she is not able to return the car on time. Every excess hour will be charged at one fifth of the agreed rental rate. However it is up to Car Rental  discretion to accept the delay.

Do I need to refill the petrol tank?

The hirer should refill the petrol tank to the same level as when he/she collected the vehicle. If the tank is not refuel to the same level, the cost of petrol plus a service charge of $10 will be levied.

What if the vehicle is involved in an accident?

The hirer must report all accidents to Fastezy Car Rental  immediately. Should there be any bodily injuries, the hirer must report to the respective authorities after informing Fastezy Car Rental .

What if the vehicle breaks down?

The hirer must report all vehicle breakdowns to Fastezy Car Rental  immediately. This 24 hour Emergency Breakdown Service is provided free of charge to the hirer. A replacement vehicle will be provided subject to availability. In the event that no replacement vehicle is available, a pro rated refund will be given to the hirer. Please note that punctured tires, empty petrol tank, flat battery, loss of car key or key locked inside of vehicle does not constitute a breakdown. In the event that the 24 hour Emergency Breakdown Service is called upon to response to such occurrence, the hirer shall bear a service charge of $50 per trip plus thecost of replacing the parts.

What if I receive a parking fine?
The hirer will be responsible for all parking and traffic violations.

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That breathing thing said, its no exchange if you use films, music, video games or something else as an example. People are people, and we worship things that either:

Reflect who we are
Entertain us
Make us laugh
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Make us vibes enjoyable

And the list goes on the subject of. Some people are obsessed when than Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or Naruto, Inuyasha, Date A Live, Justin Bieber, blah blah blah.
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What Parents Must Do For Child Online Protection ?

What Is Your Duty As A Parent For Ensuring Child Online Protection? In this cyberage and cyber crimes, where life without internet is not possible anymore not only for us but also for our children, ensuring child online protection is of utmost importance now.

Child Protection
Internet does make our life so much easier and fun. It facilitates learning for our children by making available educational materials in a manner which generates interest in children. For kids school research project can be so conveniently done with the aid of the internet. Not only of such use but kids and teens loves using online media to keep in touch with each other, interact online and make new online friends.

This is where the cause for concern comes up. Interacting online for kids means using the various social networking sites where they create online profile with information filled, which quite often personal information is also posted here along with photos and videos online. This is exactly what online predators are looking for, and obviously the most vulnerable areas are where child online protection is not taken care of.

Now as concerned parents we do not want our child to be the target for online or sexual predators. We must do everything we can to protect and keep our children safe online. Child online protection assumes a very important priority. You need to educate and empower yourself in the areas of computers and internet, kid’s activities online, what are the danger areas and what can be done to ensure child online protection.

You might have come across news stories of kids taking up extreme actions, even ending their life, due to what started online, like cyberbullying. The next time you come across such news you will already know by then what needs to be done to prevent such thing from happening to your child. Not only for yourself, but you will be able to advice others in the same.

If your child, like many other kids, likes internet chat rooms and social networking sites, that certainly is a high cause for concern because that is where online predators frequents too. With fake identity they will try to approach kids into friendship. This is why social networking media is one area you want to know thoroughly about, check out the Social Networking Guide for Parents, it will provide you a detailed insights into the latest technology use and risks areas, and very importantly the needful to be done for child online protection.

Fact is your child while innocently going about their activities online might inadvertently let out personal information like real name, address, phone numbers etc online which might lead to a dangerous situation. Kids thinks that it is cool to have their photos and videos online and your kid might also upload these which might reveal more personal information, or the materials could be misused by anyone. All these are going to attract the online predators only. Also any activities online leaves traces which can be easily traced back.